Dharmagiri provides three simple lacto-vegetarian meals per day. If you have any special dietary additions, kindly bring these items with you. There is a drinks counter which retreatants are welcome to access throughout the day and evening. Any speciality teas and beverages need to be provided by retreatants themselves.

The weather patterns at Dharmagiri are varied and dramatic. Summer is wet and with both hot and cool days and the winter is dry, sunny in the day but cold and icy out of the sun. In summer bring a raincoat and umbrella, gumboots are handy and can be brought locally, and clothes for very hot and cold days. In winter bring winter woolies, shawls and thermo jackets. A shawl for meditation all year round will also come in handy.

With the Mountain at our backdoor, you will need a pair of walking or hiking shoes or boots. Slip-on and -off sandals or shoes are useful for movement between your rooms.

There are meditation mats, cushions, benches and chairs in the meditation hall but if you need a special cushion for meditation please bring it along We also provide bedding and towels.

You will need to bring the following:
  • Sunblock, sunglasses and hat
  • Personal toiletries and tissues
  • Paper and pen if you wish to take notes
  • A flask if you wish to take hot water to your room at night
  • A torch/flash light & an umbrella
  • A water bottle for a hike up the mountain
  • Hot water bottle for winter
  • Personal medicines and vitamins
  • A small knee blanket or shawl for meditation
  • Specialist teas and supplements
At Dharmagiri to support the smooth running of the daily routine, we ask that those on retreat help with a few simple chores like washing up, veggie chopping and keeping the communal areas tidy. This amounts to about half an hour a day. Usually people enjoy contributing in this way as it helps support the cultivation of community within the retreat.
The 5 ethical Buddhist precepts:
  • To refrain from harming and the taking of life - to maintain respect for life.
  • To refrain from taking what is not offered - to practice generosity.
  • To refrain from misuse of the senses & sexuality – to practice renunciation.
  • To refrain from harmful, deceptive and harsh speech – to practice speech that promotes truth, accord and clarity.
  • To refrain from intoxicating drugs & alcohol – to respect the instrument of awakening which is consciousness

Please book beforehand. Dharmagiri is unable to host guests who turn up without a booking.
For bookings contact: office@dharmagiri.org
Thank you for your consideration.