African Dharma
with Baba Mandaza

We are deeply honoured that Baba Mandaza is a core guide and spiritual Elder at Dharmagiri. Baba is from Zimababwe and has an open invitation to visit and teach at the Sacred Mountain whenever his schedule allows.  

Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa was born a Svikiro, a carrier of many earth and water spirits, and a Mhondoro, Lion Spirit, and one who is in constant prayer on behalf of others. As a vessel of the Spirits, Mandaza receives visions and dreams, makes offerings, performs healing rituals, and serves as a messenger for the Ancient Ones.

Baba Mandaza teaches us to become “living prayers” so we can be in service of the One Spirit that exists in all things. He lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and travels far and wide as a Peacemaker. As an emissary of Mother Nature, Baba Mandaza guides retreats, healing ceremonies, and gatherings around the world.

In March 2019, Baba guided a retreat at Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat, Mvuleni-Bamboo Mountain in the Southern Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal, where he guided a circle of meditators into a profound reclamation and remembrance of the sacredness of nature.

Click below to listen to some of Baba’s messages and talks from that retreat:

Inviting the Message
The creator spirit wants us to learn from her. How not to create walls that divide us

Living Prayer
You are the prayer, you are the medicine; what kind of prayer, what kind of medicine are you?

Mother Nature
She is our everything, She owns Us

An appeal to Humanity
Training as messengers of Mother Nature. “I am she, I am he. I am Inseparable.

Servant of Creation
The mystery of creation. Messengers of peace