This course, designed by Buddhist teachers Thanissara and Kittisaro, introduces meditation practice and the primary teachings of early Buddhism. It is designed to support inner awakening while introducing practices that liberate the heart from various forms of suffering. It has three modules that cover the building blocks of the early Buddha’s teaching, introducing themes such as ethics, karma, mindfulness, various forms of meditation, the cultivation of spiritual powers, the development of wisdom, the application of compassion, and mystical practices of the Guan Yin Dharmas, which include the use of mantra, ceremony and the subtle non-dual teachings of the Heart Sutra.

Each module consists of twelve lessons that include a Sutta reading, a contemplative exercise, one or two dharma talks, guidance for meditation practice, and occasionally further materials that expand upon the week’s theme. The course is essentially self-guided (one lesson per week), but to help deepen the teachings, each participant will be placed in a discussion group led by a Sacred Mountain Sangha mentor. The groups meet every two weeks for practice, discussion, and questions with the intention of building community and supporting personal practice. The times and days of the meetings will be set by the mentors and their individual groups. The final meeting of each module will be hosted by Thanissara and Kittisaro who will share Dharma and answer any questions participants may have.


Module 1: January 16-April 17, 2022 

Module 2: May 15-August 14, 2022 

Module 3: September 18-December 18, 2022

Cost (per module)

$115 Scholarship (R1,800)
$185 Base rate (R2,900)
$310 Sustaining (R4,900)
$465 Benefactor (R7,400)

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds