Take Time Out For a self retreat 

Take time out to reconnect with Dharma practice, with nature, and to restore well being of body, heart, and soul. 

Dharmagiri is beautifully organised to support people who want to deepen and express their spiritual practice for as short as one night and up to several weeks. All who come will be held in the field of practice at Dharmagiri and Mvuleni-Bamboo Mountain in the small resident mindfulness community here. We can support those who wish to be on intensive retreat in Noble Silence, while other retreatants may choose to deepen and express their practice through morning meditation and walks in the mountain. Self retreat is best suited for those who already have familiarity with practices and are able to guide themselves. 

Find Out More – office@dharmagiri.org

is this right for me

The self retreat space is adaptable for each persons need. Our intention at Dharmagiri is to offer a supportive, meditative, mindful space so that those who need to rest up can, those who wish to take space to reflect on their process with support from our guiding teacher can, and those who want to do a more in-depth traditional meditation retreat can. Some like to stay in complete silence, which we can support, some join in community meals.

Can I bring my partner or come with friends

Yes, that is fine, we accommodate couples and small groups who wish to undertake a self retreat space together. You may decide to have space on your own or at certain times of day, then meet for a morning and evening meditation sitting, or yoga session, or group check in. We are here to discuss and help guide your process. 

What can i expect

When you arrive at Dharmagiri you can expect to be deeply supported and guided on your spiritual journey. We offer you a unique opportunity to experience a holistic, plant-based lifestyle, meditation guidance and peaceful silence.

The self retreat package includes:

  • Three healthy meals per day
  • Bottomless tea and coffee 
  • Pristine, ensuite accommodation
  • Access to library and all recorded teachings
  • Semi guided hikes


“Dharmagiri offers various tools for all people regardless of gender, age, race, creed or religion to attain a state of higher consciousness and mindful practice which gives understanding of why the sufferings of life occur and how to transcend these sufferings.” “I did a self retreat for two weeks and I feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually recharged. This a blessing that every being deserves to experience.” Bongani

Ethical Guidelines

In order to create a safe spacce for all beings we ask guests to abide by the 5 Buddhist precepts:

  • To refrain from harming and the taking of life – to maintain respect for life.
  • To refrain from taking what is not offered – to practice generosity.
  • To refrain from misuse of the senses & sexuality – to practice renunciation.
  • To refrain from harmful, deceptive and harsh speech – to practice speech that promotes truth, accord and clarity.
  • To refrain from intoxicating drugs & alcohol – to respect the instrument of awakening which is consciousness