Our Vision

Enlightenment is intimacy with all things – Dogen Zenji

We live at a time when there has never been greater need to shift from a dualistic consciousness to recognizing our profound inter-connectedness with the Earth and all beings. When the dualistic mind only relates to the Earth and her creatures as objects to exploit, it continues to generate environmental collapse at an alarming speed. The journey of awakening invites a shift from this mind into our deeper heart which knows the intimacy of all things. A present, aware and listening heart, attuned to intuitive intelligence, manifests as wisdom and compassion. This profound listening is cultivated through meditation which reconnects us with innate awakening as it dynamically reveals appropriate response. Rooted in the unmoving ground of being -- unshakeable like the Sacred Mountain – and authentic in our truth, mindful and discerning, we can work towards a more conscious world. Dharmagiri offers pathways to mature our awakening while aligning with others who love the Dharma, and who seek to express this love through action.

Knowing Our Refuge

BUDDHA · Starting at Home: The Heart of the Sacred
Home is wherever we are. Wherever we are is our sacred ground. Taking care of our home is taking care of what is around us. Our true home, the listening, knowing heart is our immediate connection with awakened intelligence, our innermost guide. This heart is mountain like; indestructible and peaceful however, all sorts of moods, thoughts and anxieties cloud the direct recognition of our natural abiding. The art of meditation discerns the difference between the mind and its activity. A unified and composed body/mind can realize innate peace and freedom and bring forth an undistorted response to the conditions of life. This then, is the ground for our engagement within the world, a trustworthy place for positive intention and effective action.

DHARMA · Our Learning: The Sacred World
Although our primary inspiration is Buddhist, we honor truth from ancient and contemporary sources. To practice Dharma is to maintain an open, curious and investigative mind. All that unfolds is an aspect of Dharma, the Logos, the truth of life, so our practice is to contemplate how it is as life unfolds. Dharmagiri harmonizes Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist approaches and psycho-spiritual awareness practices, remembering that the Buddha described his mindful way as Ekayana Magga, the "One Way Path" or sometimes also translated as "Pathway to One." Similarly, we support interfaith dialogue and understanding, acknowledging the mystical core where all great religious traditions merge.

SANGHA · Our Community: The Sacred Field of Relationship
Community is about supporting each other. It is also about maturing through interpersonal difficulties. These are the sharpening stones through which we hone wisdom and compassion. As community we aim to help, guide, and befriend each other and to share resources, seek social justice and extend mutual respect. All beings, animals and creatures, including our great Earth, are within the sacred field of relationship; therefore we practice inclusivity. It is our aim to cultivate a widening sphere of community with those who share the vision of a more conscious world. To advance a more equitable world, we gather resources to initiate, support, and develop community engagement projects, eco activism and creative endeavors.

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