Our Vision

Enlightenment is intimacy with all things – Dogen Zenji

Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre is dedicated to bringing the universal practice of mindful awareness to South Africans and visitors from across the continent and world. We offer silent meditation retreats, workshops, yoga and other events throughout the year to allow individuals to learn, practice and deepen their understanding of mindfulness and insight meditation. We endeavour to support individuals in cultivating mindfulness, compassion, integrity and wisdom. Our intention is to help all beings find more peace in their lives and to live more harmoniously with each other, our communities, and the world in which we all live.

Mindfulness is at the heart of insight meditation. It is the practice of being aware moment to moment, without judgment or clinging, so that we can pay close attention to our immediate experience. With increased mindfulness, we can deepen our understanding of our mind, live more fully present in the moment, and see more clearly, in order to allow our wisdom and compassion to develop and flower.

We live at a time when there has never been greater need to recognise our profound inter-connectedness with the Earth and all beings. The divisive mind that separates everything out, tends to relate to the Earth and her creatures as objects to exploit; as a result human beings are generating environmental collapse at an alarming speed. The journey of awakening invites a shift from this dualistic mind into our deeper heart, which knows the intimacy of all things. A present, aware and listening heart, attuned to the deeper intuitive intelligence of the Dharma - of life and nature - manifests as wisdom and compassion. This profound listening is cultivated through meditation, which reconnects us with the awakening process as it dynamically informs appropriate response within the world. Rooted in the unmoving ground of being -- unshakeable like the Sacred Mountain – and authentic in our truth, mindful and discerning, we can work towards a more conscious world. Dharmagiri offers pathways to mature this process of awakening while aligning with others who love the Dharma, and who seek to express this love through action.

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